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You need a new air conditioner. Should you pick one with the minimum or maximum SEER rating? Do you want to install a mini-split system or expand your existing HVAC system? These are just a few questions to consider when you're thinking about an air conditioning replacement. Turn to Service Sean, LLC in Middlebury, CT for the expert advice you need.

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Is a mini-split system right for you?

Is a mini-split system right for you?

Homeowners in Middlebury, CT and surrounding areas are switching to mini-split (or ductless) systems because...

  • They're efficient - you won't have to deal with leaky ducts.
  • They're inconspicuous - compared with conventional HVAC systems, mini-split units are quieter.
  • They're easy to install - a mini-split air conditioning installation is minimally invasive.

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